What Can Fensten PR Do for You?

My publicity campaigns bring books to life by writing press releases, crafting the right pitch, and building specifically made media lists that are finely tuned to capture your desired target audience. I make sure that your book gets noticed.


Tailor-made publicity strategies

Publicity is the cornerstone of any book launch. A cost-effective publicity strategy addresses the essential elements: subject, positioning, audience and media coverage. To help you do so, I stay on top of social trends, cultural influences and current events and applying them to your book.

What Does Fensten PR Offer?

Take advantage of my trade and academic publishing expertise. I am a creative professional and can offer you the following services:


PR services:

  • Public relations and media outreach
  • Book promotion in every platform, electronic, print, television, radio and online.
  • Carefully crafted media lists and positioning.


Contact me today to find out how my publicity strategies can give you the competitive advantage that will propel your book to success.